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Mortgage Intermediaries Sales

When we launched TSB in September 2013, one of the key areas we needed to develop in order to complete the build of our new bank was a Mortgage Intermediaries business - this means being able to offer our mortgages through third party brokers, as well as directly to customers as we do today.

TSB will be launching its Mortgage Intermediaries function in January 2015.

The mortgage market in 2013 totalled approximately £185 billion. In 2014 this is predicted to rise to over £200 billion.  Intermediaries makes up more than 60% of the UK mortgage market, so this is a fantastic opportunity to accelerate the growth of our business and complement our already successful mortgages business.

Building this new area of our business also means building a new team to support it.  The team will be operating mainly from the South West of the country and will consist of approximately 230 Partners in total working across most areas of the business, a mixture of customer facing roles and operational and specialist roles. 

A key part of this build is a brand new Mortgage Intermediaries Sales division consisting of around 65 TSB Partners.

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