Corporate Functions

Corporate Affairs

Our Corporate Affairs team are TSB’s internal and external communications function responsible for managing our reputation with a wide range of stakeholders including our Partners, politicians, regulators and the media. Our Corporate Affairs team is split into three teams

Internal Communications

Our Internal Communications team helps build trust, confidence and pride in TSB and its leadership through engagement with our people – giving them the information they need to do their jobs and setting the strategic context for what they do every day.  

Our Communications team provides the internal channels for the business to share information, best practice, and celebrate our successes together – whether those are digital, print or face-to-face events and it is our aim to make sure these channels of communication flow two ways. Our team also acts as communications consultants to the business – providing best practice ideas and communications skills training where required. This allows our business to take control of the messaging we provide whilst keeping it consistent in tone and pace.

During periods of change our team plays a vital role in providing our people with the information they need to support customers. It’s important to us that we provide clear reasons for the decisions our business takes and the impacts those decisions might have.

Our Internal Communications team works closely with media relations, public affairs and other key stakeholders to make sure our messaging is correct and consistent.

Media Relations

Our Media Relations team is responsible for promoting and protecting the reputation of our business through the media. Our team manages all media relations activity across our business, both proactively by running campaigns to promote TSB’s work, and reactively by answering any questions journalists have and dealing with issues and complaints. This includes a 24 hour on call system, meaning that journalists can get answers to their questions at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. Furthermore, our team has an active social media presence to ensure the media and key influencers are engaged on this increasingly important platform.

The team deals with print and broadcast journalists across the regional, national and international media. Enquiries vary enormously, ranging from local media wanting advice for their readers on how to avoid ATM fraud, to the Daily Mail or BBC News asking about the company strategy or what TSB is doing to support small businesses.

Our team is split into Retail and Corporate, with the Retail team looking after consumer and SME banking, and the Corporate team looking after the corporate agenda including Human Resources and Corporate Responsibility.

Public Affairs & Community Engagement

Our Public Affairs and Community Engagement team is responsible for promoting TSB’s interests to politicians, policy-makers and consumer groups as well as promoting our activity to stakeholders in the local communities where we operate. The team is split in two. Our Public Affairs team maintains relationships with politicians and policy makers across the UK and in the EU, whilst our Community Engagement team works with partners right across the bank to strengthen our engagement in our local communities as well as driving forward our corporate responsibility agenda.

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