Corporate Functions


Our IT business is based in Barnwood and Edinburgh and covers 4 main areas:

Technology Service

Lloyds Banking Group continues to provide almost all technology services to TSB. We make sure these services operate in line with the IT agreement we have with them, and the result is a brilliant customer and colleague experience. We get actively involved with managing incidents in Lloyds that impact on our business. We’re also there to help with escalations if you feel any part of the service isn’t working as prescribed.

Technology Strategy

We will develop a technology roadmap for TSB. We’re going to consider what services we want to build outside the Lloyds contract, and how we use clever technology innovation to deepen our customer relationships.

Enterprise Architecture

We have a small team of experts who understand the Lloyds technology estate very well. We help TSB to understand the impacts of changing Lloyds systems.

Technology Operations

We administer key technology operations: (1) End User Computing, (2) User Access Management & (3) Data Management are our initial focus but there may be others. We work hand in hand with Risk as ‘policy owners’ and business teams as ‘intellectual owners’ to ensure our operations underpin a stable and responsible bank for our customers.

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