Corporate Functions


TSB Procurement makes sure our entire business has access to the goods and services they need to do their jobs and are able to buy in the right way, from the right supplier at the right price.

The department is made up of three core teams.

Category Management

Category Management negotiates and implements fit-for-purpose third party contracts that meet the evolving business needs and deliver value from supplier relationships.

Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship Management operates a centre of excellence for supplier management best practices across the bank, while managing the strategic relationship for critical third party outsourcing arrangements.

Procurement Management

Procurement Management sees that our procurement processes and systems run smoothly, drive compliance with our preferred supplier arrangements and produce vital spend management information, helping to inform sourcing decisions.

The team insists on best value and exceptional service from TSB's suppliers – just like our customers. By maximising the value in our supplier relationships, we are able to increase profitability in our own business and, ultimately, pass on the benefits to our customers. It’s an exciting challenge for procurement professionals, one that will help you grow professionally and offer lots of opportunities for career development.

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