Corporate Functions


We're responsible for defining strategies, policies and structures for managing risk. The function is split into a series of teams.


The oversight teams are responsible for the second line of the Risk function, providing independent challenge to the risk management first line functions: Decision Science, Portfolio Management, Fraud & Underwriting. We ensure that the risk policies and procedures are fit for purpose and strategy execution delivers the expected outcomes.

Portfolio Management

The Portfolio Management team is responsible for all aspects of credit risk management for Cards, Loans, Mortgages and Personal Current Accounts. This includes designing and implementing credit management strategies to ensure that we operate within our own risk appetite and deliver on our impairment and risk weighted asset commitments

Decision Science

The Decision Science team is responsible for building the models used to support lending decisions and measure our risks.

Fraud & Underwriting

The Fraud and Underwriting team is responsible for mitigating fraud and credit losses and underwriting for both unsecured and secured products. This includes the design and execution of the fraud strategies that protect our customers and the bank.

Market & Liquidity Risk

The Market and Liquidity Risk team is responsible for developing risk management and measurement capabilities for market and liquidity risks, and works with our Treasury function.

Business Risk

The Business Risk team is responsible for managing the risks that arise from processes, systems or external events. This includes teams focusing on Financial Crime, Operational Risk, Compliance and Regulatory Strategy.

Model Governance & Reporting

We’ve also created a Model Governance and Reporting team that provides the glue between the various specialist teams, and is responsible for internal and external risk reporting, independent model governance and oversight, business planning and capital management oversight including stress testing, credit risk oversight and business management of the risk function.

Business Unit Control

Finally, Business Unit Control function operates as a first line of defence for assessing control effectiveness, and conduct risk and policy implementation in the business unit it supports.

It’s a rare opportunity to be part of a culture that embraces challenge, change and new territory. One with a leadership team equipped and positioned to genuinely direct our risk culture. And as a new bank, we’re under internal and external scrutiny, so the Risk function sits at the heart of how we deliver on what we promise to our customers. 

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