Job Search

You can search for vacancies by business area or by location. Once you have found a role that you would like to apply for, we recommend you take a look at our Recruitment Process below, which details what you can expect to happen once you have submitted your application.

If you're interested joining TSB on a temporary basis please click on the following link for more details:  Temporary Role Search

The recruitment process

    Once you have submitted your application, we will review it and aim to contact you within two weeks to confirm whether you will be invited to an interview or selection event. For some roles, you may be asked to do some online tests as part of your application.

    If successful, we will confirm your interview or selection event date, time and details. Your interview will be competency-based. However, for some roles, we may also include questions based around your knowledge and skills. You will be advised on the exact format of your interview in advance. It is also possible that this first round will include exercises to demonstrate your capabilities.

    Where applicable, you may be invited to attend a second round of interviews. This may also include assessment activities such as group exercises, written exercises and case studies. Again this will be confirmed when you are invited to attend. If required to attend a second round, we aim to notify you of the outcome of this interview as quickly as possible.

    If we make a job offer and you accept, you’ll need to provide us with information to complete the vetting process. This can take up to 17 working days depending on the risk profile of the role you are applying for.