Corporate Functions

Brand & Marketing

Here to help TSB meet its commercial objectives, our Brand and Marketing Partners do this by making sure people across Britain - whether they’re existing customers or potential customers - understand and trust that TSB can help them thrive.

By doing this, we get people’s attention and interest. That makes them want to join us and use us more, and even recommend us to their friends and family.

Building our brand is top of our agenda. The TSB brand isn’t just a logo or the colour blue; it’s about everything a customer or potential customer experiences when they come into contact with us. So the team are always doing everything they can to bring to life TSB’s unique purpose and compelling offer in a way that’s clear and distinct from other banks. Our aim is to make sure that every single time someone interacts with us, we’re maximising the opportunity for the brand to make the right impression.

We know that internal understanding of the brand is key too, so the team encourage TSB Partners right across the business to make sure the brand informs all of our decisions and behaviour. So we all deliver that promise as much as we possibly can. All of our TSB Partners are brand ambassadors, helping our customers become our strongest advocates.