Corporate Functions

Corporate Affairs

Our Corporate Affairs team sits right at the heart of TSB. Made up of three collaborative teams; Internal Communications and Community Investment, Media Relations, and Public Affairs. Each team has an important part to play. Together they provide invaluable insight to shape and drive forward TSB’s strategy to both an internal and external audience.

Internal Communications & Community Investment

The team is split in two. Our Internal Communications Partners are focussed on building trust, confidence, and pride in TSB and its leadership. Doing this through engagement with our Partners – providing the information they need to do their jobs and setting the strategic context for what they do every day. Building internal channels for us to be able to share information, best practice, and celebrate our successes together – whether those are digital, print or face-to-face events.

At TSB we’re proud to be part of local communities where people help people and we all thrive together. We call that Local Pride and our Community Engagement team are front and centre of this. Working with Partners right across the bank to drive ideas, support and engagement, they’re driving our relationships in local communities, as well as driving forward our corporate responsibility agenda.

“Our Pride of Britain partnership fits perfectly with what we’ve set out to do. It all stems back to local people helping local people. We’re a group of ordinary people who are trying to do something that is extraordinary; trying to change an industry, bring local banking back to Britain and make banking better for all UK consumers."
Paul Pester, TSB CEO


Media Relations & Public Relations

You’ve hopefully seen by now how important our values are to our business here in TSB, along with our reputation. The team manages all our media relations activity, both proactively by running campaigns to promote what we do. And also reactively when needed, answering any questions from journalists and dealing with issues or complaints.

The team also have an active social media presence to make sure the media and key influencers are engaged on this increasingly important platform.

Dealing with print and broadcast journalists across the regional, national and international media. Every day is a different one and enquiries can vary enormously, ranging from local media wanting advice for their readers on how to avoid ATM fraud, to a national media organisation asking about TSB’s strategy or what we’re is doing to support small businesses.

Split into Retail and Corporate, the Retail team look after consumer and SME banking, and the Corporate team look after our corporate agenda, including Human Resources and Corporate Responsibility.


Public Affairs

Our Public Affairs Partners work closely with a wide range of external parties, like politicians, policy-makers and consumer groups to promote issues important to TSB. As well as spreading the news of what we’re doing to stakeholders in the local communities where we operate. The team manage relationships with politicians and policy makers across the UK and in the EU.

Providing counsel and insight to Partners across TSB on political and policy decisions is also a core part of the team’s day job, along with generating advocacy for TSB in Westminster and Holyrood. Working with individual MPs, MSPs and AMs constituencies through our Local Area Director meeting programme.