Corporate Functions


Being a digital business that happens to be a bank means we couldn’t be without our IT teams. Based across all of our main sites, our teams are made up of:

Chief Information Security Office (CISO)

Our CISO function looks after the security of our data and the systems we use to process that data. The team use threat intelligence from a number of sources, to define and implement information security and cyber security controls to protect our customers, our systems and our Partners. In today’s world, we’re not completely immune to cyber-attack, so the team work hard to prepare for and respond to any such attacks, avoiding and reducing the impact on our business and customers.

The team also own the information security, data protection and records management policies and help our business functions to comply with them. As well as making sure the third parties we use have their own similar measures in place, so they don’t introduce unnecessary risk to us in our dealings with them.

Digital Innovation and Transformation

Our future thinking Digital Innovation and Transformation team is at the forefront of TSB. Helping build our strategy and enabling us to be an agile, digital business that happens to be a bank.
Our Digital Transformation Partners work with our operations and technology teams designing and delivering digital solutions, such as our new Mobile App. Using agile development and innovative thinking throughout our processes, they’re helping to give customers and Partners the opportunity to do as much of their day to day banking via our mobile channel as they want.

We also have a Digital Lab and Fintech team working closely with Partners across TSB to come up with new and innovative solutions to solve customer and business problems. Linking in with Fintech companies we’re always interested to learn more about what businesses are doing to disrupt the industry and challenge thinking. The team do all of this alongside running proof of concepts and experimenting with new solutions. Testing ideas with real customers to help us determine what we can and should launch live to the market.

Infrastructure and Architecture / Chief Technology Office (CTO)

The CTO team look after ‘IT change’. Including the end to end architecture, deployment and maintenance of our IT infrastructure technologies.

They’re the first technical point of contact for Partners across our business who want to talk to IT. Working hand in hand with Sabis UK (Sabadell Information Systems, our Group IT supplier) the team take business requirements and architect solutions through to implementation into our data centres.

Providing direction, thought leadership, guidance and subject matter expertise on our IT estate the team are constantly working to make sure we get the maximum value from our investment in our IT. In particular:

  • Defining our IT strategy and aligning it with Sabadell Group IT. 
  • Building TSB technology roadmaps and identifying and recommending IT solution opportunities. 
  • Supporting business initiatives and ideas. 
  • Documenting and managing our architecture assets.

Technology Operations

Our Technology Operations team is there to make sure we get the IT services we need to deliver for our customers and Partners. We outsource the supply of our critical IT services, and Technology Operations makes sure that we get all these services safely. It goes without saying that guaranteeing the stable running of our day to day operations is key, so we combine some of our processes with those of our big IT suppliers. For example, service management, incident management, etc.

Because we're rely on our third parties to deliver services critical to our operations, we also need to make sure these services are commercially resilient and affordable, and that we govern the services effectively. The Technology Operations team does this by monitoring service performance, resolving issues quickly and making sure we’ve got sound IT financial management in place.

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence Partners support TSB with nearly 5,000 reports every month, using a wide range of different technologies. Basically, if we need any kind of data or management information (MI) these are the people we talk to.

The team build reports on everything. From regulatory reporting, complex reports for treasury and credit risk on our assets and liabilities, information to help us manage our telephony and branch performance or even making cashback payments to our customers for their Plusness transactions. Our Business Intelligence Partners are always working closely with our IT partner, SABIS, who provide us with the data from the many different sources. The team then use their expertise to turn this into useful and insightful information that adds real value to our business.