Working at TSB

At TSB we want to create an environment where all our people treat this business as if it's their business. It’s really important to us that we start creating a real example of how banks could and should work.  By making us all Partners in the bank through the allocation of shares after you join, is symbolic and reinforces the way we all should take ownership of the way we engage with our customers to really make a difference.

We already have an existing population of Partners that are immensely proud to have built what is now the UK's 7th biggest bank and a bank that is genuinely bringing more competition to UK banking and setting an example of how banks should work.  And we want it to be something that anyone joining our business will be genuinely proud of too, particularly given that you would also be a part-owner in our business.

We are looking for people to join our business of 8,500 Partners that truly believe that they can add value to help us achieve what we were setting out to do. We've made a fantastic start in the first three years; we just need to keep that going for the next 300 years.


This is a bank we're building together.

This is a bank that we are hoping will change the way in which banks work across the UK and bring better banking for all UK consumers. And because of that, we recognise that our Partners are our most valuable asset and treat them as such. We strongly believe that our people’s talent and knowledge is the thing that will enable us to flourish. So we are looking for people who will bring themselves to work, who believe in our values and ambition and who are willing to take responsibility of contributing to our success. In return we will do what we can to support you to grow your career in the direction you would like – and building a new bank certainly comes with great opportunities to grow your career in sometimes very unique ways. You will have access to a range of development opportunities, starting with a structured welcome that will teach you more about TSB, our customers and your role in making our plans a reality.

We’ve looked to other banks and retailers to get inspiration on how we can design a remuneration strategy which reinforces the customer service we pride ourselves on. We launched a completely new reward structure in 2015 which includes a new annual award scheme for everyone in the bank based on overall contribution and behaviours, not the ability to meet sales targets.

If you are interested and want to hear more, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Our values

TSB aspires to be different from day one. Our entire reason for being is to introduce more competition into high street banking; we were born to bring greater choice to UK consumers. And we have created five new values that will define how we’ll do that.


We are committed to pioneering a return to local banking – where banks are clear about their role in supporting economic growth in the local communities they serve. We also reflect this commitment in the way we work together – making our voices heard and challenging each other to act in the right way.


There needn’t be any mystery about how our bank works. The more the people who work here and bank here know about us, the better for everyone. We have nothing to hide. Transparency brings trust, engagement and helps us keep everybody’s interests aligned.


We don’t do investment banking, complex derivative trading, or any other “funny stuff”. We’re a modern, full service retail bank for local people and businesses. Everything we do should be simple to explain, and its benefits to our customers and communities should be clear.


We are a balanced bank, never lending more than we or our customers can safely afford. We are ever mindful of the impact our actions and decisions can have on our customers and the local economies we are all part of, as well as the impact of our actions upon each other.


Our mission is to help local economies thrive. To do this we must be a local champion and reinforce the connections between us, our customers, and the communities we serve. We’ll only succeed if we ensure that all our interests are aligned. This applies equally well to the way we work with our colleagues within TSB.

Rewards and Benefits

Our approach to reward and benefits reflects our core values and supports our business strategy. We’ve based this approach on the following principles:

  • Providing transparent and fair reward.
  • Ensuring a balanced view of reward.
  • Ensuring reward is directly linked to the achievement of sustainable performance.

Hopefully you’ve already noticed that we don’t think of ourselves as a normal bank.  To underline this approach, we’ve extensively updated our reward and benefits package to make sure it truly reflects our values and sets us apart from other banks.  Our new approach to reward went live at the start of 2015.

At the moment, when you join us, you will be eligible for various benefits, including:

  • Up to 30 days holiday.
  • A Flexible Benefits scheme, where TSB will give you a payment equivalent to 4% of your base salary to use on the scheme.  This enables you to select from a variety of benefits - such as private medical cover, holiday trading, and a number of insurance products - or you can choose to simply receive cash. 
  • A competitive defined contribution pension scheme, with employer contributions of up to 13% of your base salary.
  • The opportunity to receive our TSB Award.
  • Company car or car allowance, depending on grade.
  • Employee share plans.
  • Flexible working opportunities.

The details of benefits we offer vary by grade, for example the company car scheme. You’ll be given full details of the benefits you will be eligible for when you join us.

Diversity & Inclusion

At TSB we think it’s good to be different. In fact, being different from the crowd is what we’re all about. That’s why we encourage all of our Partners to be themselves and help build the bank we want TSB to be.

Our customers come from a range of backgrounds and we want to reflect this diversity across our workforce; it’ll help us to better understand their needs and provide service that’s right for them. We work hard to create an inclusive culture where every TSB Partner – regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, age or personal situation – should be able to fulfil their potential. We believe that collaboration between people with different styles, skills, backgrounds and cultures encourages innovation, better communication and stronger customer and community relationships.

One of the activities that help us to achieve an inclusive culture is our diversity network, ‘Inclusion’. Inclusion aims to help everyone in TSB achieve their potential and focuses on three key themes – personal progression, work-life balance and inclusive culture. Some people might need some extra support in reaching their potential, that’s why we have executive sponsors for key audiences – gender, ethnic diversity, LGBT, disability and ‘New to TSB’ . Although we’re a fairly new business we’ve got off to a good start. For example, we’re very proud to have built an organisation with a strong gender balance and we’re working hard to build on our achievements.

  • 30% of our board roles are held by women – women currently make up 20.7% of the members of FTSE 100, and 15.7% of FTSE 250 corporate boards*
  • 50% of our executive committee roles are held by women – women currently hold 15.6% of executive committee roles in FTSE 100 companies**
  • 37% of our senior manager roles are held by women

* Women on boards Davies Review Annual Report 2014
** The Female FTSE Board Report 2014, Cranfield University


Branch Network

Our branch network consists of 631 high street branches across England, Scotland and Wales. At TSB, the local branch is at the heart of our service to customers.

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