Central Functions

Our central teams of specialists are key to our operations - making sure we’ve always got the right products, people and systems doing the right things for our customers and colleagues at the right times.

Job roles


To help make banking better for everyone, we need people who can spot and harness opportunities to be better in everything we do.

Our Internal Audit team not only provide essential support and controls into the financial reporting of the business, but also add real value by working closely with all areas of our business to improve how we do things today.

Based in London, Edinburgh and Gloucester, our Audit team’s impact and influence inspires confidence in TSB for our customers, regulators, Sabadell group (our parent company), and our colleagues. 


What we stand for as a brand goes much further than a logo or colour scheme; it’s about proudly telling the world who we are and creating brilliant experiences for everyone that comes into contact with us. With passion, creativity and innovation, our Marketing teams bring to life our unique purpose and vision to create a compelling offer that sets us apart from other banks.

This means collaborating with our brand new in-house studio and our business stakeholders, to develop and deliver effective marketing campaigns, based on consumer insight, and using a wide range of media to communicate our messages. You’ll build trust and understanding that TSB is here to help local communities thrive across the whole of Britain, along the way.

Our Customer Value Management team are our customer champions - using innovative tools and techniques they provide us with insights that help understand how our customers feel about our services and make sure our sales and marketing campaigns always hit the mark.



Bringing better banking to Britain isn’t an easy task. It means embracing change, constantly transforming and evolving our business to make things perfect for our customers. That’s where you come in.

Working hand-in-hand with colleagues all over the bank, you’ll use your wealth of change expertise - agile in particular - to drive and implement positive transformation, from initial concept right through to implementation. 

From leading the delivery of key bank-wide strategic initiatives, to helping to develop local, business unit change, you’ll make the most of change management tools and techniques to make it all happen. 

Based across Edinburgh, Gloucester, London, Bristol and Sheldon, the team also work closely with our range of third-party suppliers. 

Corporate Affairs

Our Corporate Affairs team plays a key role in building trust in TSB by engaging with those who influence our customers. We’re a team of experienced communications professionals working collaboratively internally and externally, representing the face and the voice of the business on a daily basis.

Our colleagues

We regularly talk to our 6,000 TSB colleagues, sharing information, best practice and celebrating success, across a range of internal channels; including digital, face-to-face or events. We want our colleagues to feel engaged, so they can serve customers well and advocate for our business. At TSB we’re proud to be part of local communities where people help each other. We actively encourage colleagues to support local charities, spend time volunteering and hold local events.

Managing our reputation

The team manages strong relationships with journalists to ensure TSB is represented accurately and fairly in the media. No day is the same and we find that media enquiries range from local media wanting advice for their readers on how to prevent fraud, to national media asking for industry insights from our CEO.

In addition to spreading the news of what we’re doing with the media, we continually engage with politicians, policymakers and others who influence public opinion. All of this contributes to TSB successfully navigating the external environment and promoting and protecting our commercial and reputational interests in public policy debates.

Coaching senior leaders

We want our colleagues to feel a sense of pride in our leadership team, and external stakeholders to feel confident in the TSB brand. So, we work closely with our CEO, Chairman and other leaders through the whole business, coaching them and helping them optimise their impact.

Working across TSB

We recognise the importance of working collaboratively across all functions at TSB. That’s why we work alongside our marketing team to develop campaigns and programmes nationally and locally to deliver economic and social improvements, as well as enhancing sentiment towards our brand. Each team has an important part to play in shaping and driving forward the strategy for TSB.

Finance & Treasury

Our Finance and Treasury teams aren’t number crunchers, they’re our lifeblood. With their commercially-focused advice and expertise, they help us manage and grow our business in a strategic and responsible way.

We don't do complex investment banking, so our Finance and Treasury colleagues get to focus on the important things. From providing analysis and insight that helps us drive successful strategies, to making sure we’ve got a strong control framework to give us accurate, reliable and timely financial information, they keep us fit for the highly-regulated environment we operate in.


We’re a team in TSB. That means the success of our business is down to each and every one of us. 

Making sure we build a workplace and culture where colleagues can be themselves and develop their career experiences at the same time as delivering the fantastic products and service that our customers know us for, is top of our agenda. Our HR teams are passionate about making TSB a great place to work for everyone.

Based across Edinburgh, London and Bristol our HR Partners cover a range of key specialisms:

  • Organisation Effectiveness, 
  • Reward, Performance & Analytics,
  • HRBPs, ER & Employment Policy
  • Talent, Insights & Inclusion
  • Partner Services & Resourcing

IT Services

You can read more about our IT teams at our Tech at TSB page.


Our Legal team are our business partners. Supporting us with legal advice on a diverse range of topics, from inorganic special projects to regular "business as usual" activity. This can include advice in areas such as regulatory, corporate, consumer and banking law, property, employment, commercial, and even charitable matters. ‎

Working in Legal can be all about the detail sometimes but at the heart of it, the team are all about our customers. And they do us proud every day. 


Whether they bank with us through mobile, online, telephone or in branch, our customers deserve a brilliant experience every time.

Our Products team are the ones who make it happen. They develop products and services, manage pricing and sales, and deliver great customer experiences across all of our digital platforms. The work they do every day is a critical part of why our customers want to do business with us.

With all the latest tech at their fingertips, they’re passionate about making us a holistic and human-centered bank that’s always easy to deal with.

Analysing, designing, challenging and delivering on a wide range of products, services and digital experiences, the team adopts modern agile working techniques to move quickly and keep us relevant in a rapidly-evolving landscape.

Procurement & Property

We know that how we manage our money is important to our customers and colleagues. Our Procurement and Property (P&P) team is made up of 60+ colleagues in Gloucester, London, Bristol and Edinburgh, all keeping an eye on our non-people costs.

Our Procurement colleagues focus on managing the systems we use to buy all our goods and services.  Using their collective experience and expertise, the team manage contracts and make sure we buy what we need at the right price, getting great quality and value for money.

Our Property colleagues manage a portfolio of over 600 buildings. From developing refits to upgrades of our high street branches and making sure we’re using space efficiently, they managing the many services that keep our sites running smoothly. 


We want to be a different kind of bank, so the way we manage risk should be different too. Risk doesn’t have to be complicated. Our approach reflects our values and has the TSB mission at heart. For us, it’s all about taking the right risks, learning from mistake, instilling confidence and keeping the bank safe.

Every risk that we face in TSB sits within one of these four categories and teams:

  1. Financial risk – the risks associated with our customers’ money, our regulatory capital requirements and the profitability of the business.
  2. Credit risk – these are risks associated primarily with lending money to personal and business customers.
  3. Operational and Enterprise risk – the risks associated with our processes, people and systems.
  4. Conduct and Compliance risk – these are risks associated with delivering the banking experiences our customers want and deserve.

Understanding these four areas helps us keep things simple and organise our risk governance, our reporting and our policies.

Customer Operations

Our Customer Operations teams are at the heart of our business. Made up of curious, fun, and helpful individuals, together they own the customer experience by keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes.

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Customer Facing Teams

There are several thousand friendly faces up and down the country delighting our customers with fantastic customer service. Each team has a different role to play in creating a brilliant banking experience for everyone, every day.

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